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Tamar's poetry

Tamar has been writing poetry since childhood, and she published her very first poem when she was eight years old. In Tbilisi in 1995 she published her first collection of poems "I came to say one word", followed by her second collection of poems "Flowering" in 2006. In the period 1987-2003 Tamar participated in noumerous literary evenings, adding up to her own personal literary evenings. In addition to her collections of poems, her poetries has been published in calendars, newspapers and magazines. Tamar is member of the Writer's Union and the association for poets "Always a New Lyre".

Literary evenings

Tamar was an active member of the literary evenings arranged by the association of young poets of the Tbilisi State University. Both young talented and well known poets participated in these events. Tamar arranged also her own personal literary evenings: Among the audience were poets, art critics and professors from the Tbilisi State University, and Tamar received very positive critics on her poetries and performances. Lately Tamar has had her personal literary evenings in Tbilisi as well as in Borjomi: In December 2009 she arranged her literary evening in the central library in Tbilisi, reciting her poems together with the actor Eldino Sag'aradze. In April 2010 Tamar was invited by the Central Library of Borjomi to present her poems, as a part of the library's 100 year anniversary. Tamar arranged, together with Svend Waage and Ensemble Giorgi, a Georgian - Norwegian cultural evening January 2012 in the youth center of the Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi. Tamar was presenting her new collection of poems "Boundary" and reciting from the book.


"Shotaoba" 2009 - 2011

In 2011 Tamar recieved 2nd price in the competition of "Shotaoba", while she in 2009 and 2010 both years received 3rd prices. "Shotaoba" is the annual poetry competition in the name of Shota Rustaveli. Tamar received This competition is the most extensive of it's kind in Georgia and it is dedicated to Shota Rustaveli, the most famous Georgian poet through history. Results and prices are announced in October when Georgians are celebrating Shota Rustaveli. In 2010 more than 200 poets participated in the competition. which is under the patronage of the first lady of Georgia Sandra Roelofs.

Collections of poems

Boundary (2011)

Tamar's third collection of poems enters into human reflections, the nature of human soul and spirit and its importance for survival of mandkind. The poems were written in the period 2006-2011. Editor is the distinguished Georgian poet Tariel Kharkhelauri.

Flowering (2006)

Tamar's second collection of poems reflects the years that has passed, family-love and relation between mother and child. The themes vary from love, missing to disappointment and hope. The poems were written in the period 1995-2006.

I came to say one word (1995)

Tamar's first collection of poems expresses the emotions and moods form her period of youth. The themes vary from love, patriotism, religion and themes of universal validity. The poems were written in the period 1986-1995.