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Tbilisi State University

Tamar started her studies in 1987 at the Tbilisi State University, faculty of Arts and Humanities at the department of painting. During this period Tamar participated on exhibitions together with exhibitors at Tbilisi State University, arranged twice a year at Tbilisi State University or at the Painter's House in Tbilisi. She finishied her studies in painting in 1990 with the picture Historian as her diploma. After her diploma in painting Tamar continued her studies at the same faculty, but now at the department of art critic. In 1993 she finished her studies with the thesis "Saint Nino in Georgian frescos". She conducted her studies in painting and art critic parallelly with her studies at the faculty of philology.


In 1993 Tamar had her first personal exhibition (oil on canvas and graphic arts) accompanied by one of her literary evenings. She received unanimous positive recog-nition from professors at the university as well as other visitors. The followng years Tamar participated in various joint exhibitions,  together  with Georgian painters. 1997- 2003 she was combining her artistic with full time position as teacher at the French-Georgian college "Saint-Exupery" in Tbilisi. From 2003, after giving birth to her second child Tamar became a full-time painter.

Exhibition in Gallery Hobby

Tamar's latest personal exhibition (november 2006 in "Gallery Hobby", Tbilisi) has been her most extensive exhibition so far. She presented around 60 of her works from the period of 1987-2006. The opening of the exhibition also included release and presentation of Flowering, her second collection of poems. The famous painter Ilia Patashuri made a speach, and  the Georgian - Norwegian  Ensemble Giorgi were performing Georgian folk songs. It was a colourful and artistic opening in the spirit   of  Georgian   culture  and  tradition.  There  were

journalists present at the opening, as well as the channels "Rustavi 2" and "First Channel", which are the two main television broadcasting companies in Georgia. The director of "Gallery Hobby", Vanda Mujiri, stated that Tamar Lomidze's exhibition was among the best they have hosted.

Exhibitions in Norway

In 2007 Tamar Lomidze was main exhibitor with approximately 20 pictures (oil on canvas) at an exhibition arranged by the Artist House at Gvarv, Telemark in Norway. The exhibition marked the opening of the Norwegian Apple Feast. "Ensemble Giorgi" were performing at the opening, and visitors as well as the press approached Tamar and her works with interest and enthusiasm. Tamar has had pictures at later exhibitions arranged by the Artist's House in Gvarv. Among them was the member-exhibition in December 2008 where she participated with four pictures (oil on canvas).